A View from Blue Grotto

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Recipe for success

I was looking for something to blog about during the year-end holiday weeks. The days when most people tend to check out from the routines of business and spend time with colleagues, family and friends relaxing and celebrating.

I found my inspiration in the mail today when I received the holiday greeting from the Rider Bennett Law office in Minneapolis. Instead of the typical card on glossy stock with an impersonal inside imprint of “From your friends at Rider Bennett Law,” I opened a darling six inch by six inch cookbook. With a table of contents and total of 44 recipes, this cookbook called on the employees and clients of Rider Bennett to contribute a favorite recipe – along with a little anecdote about the origin of the recipe, why it’s their favorite, etc.

Not only are the recipes mouth-watering, the narratives that accompany them are genuine and personal: on the Crabby Deviled Eggs, “I’m required to bring these to all family gatherings – but a dozen or two usually aren’t enough!” I read through every page, becoming more hungry by the minute, and thinking to myself that this is, by far, the nicest holiday greeting I have received from any vendor or client.

Though the novelty of the cookbook-as-greeting-card is impressive, even more so is the tie to Rider Bennett’s commitment to community service and their values by making a donation to the Second Harvest Heartland Food Shelf “on behalf of the clients, friends and attorneys of Rider Bennett LLP.”

The typical cards on that glossy stock with that impersonal imprint will hit the trash before the new year. But I will likely attempt more than one of the recipes from the cookbook. And you can bet that I will think of Rider Bennett each time I use it.

Email me with examples of clever marketing projects, especially those that tie in with your company’s values or history. And feel free to ring up Rider Bennett, LLP to request a copy of that cookbook.

Yvonne Hundshamer
President, Blue Grotto Inc.